Happy New Year!

Many people may view stress as a negative feeling or emotion.  Stress underpins many illnesses and disease.  In western world it is seen as almost “normal” to be highly stressed, almost as a sign of success to be crazy busy!!

Stress warns us to get away from danger, it can be protective and when seen positively can promote an awareness of what is happening in our physical body.

Stress allows our body to release hormones that put the body into a place of Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) dominance or fight and flight, which allows us to run from danger.  Ideally we need to be in a place of rest and digest or Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) dominance for optimal health and wellbeing.

As a Naturopath I look at the person as “a whole”, mind, body and spirit.  It is not just about nutrients and herbs, it is the whole being and getting an understanding of how or why you are in this place of imbalance.  When we go deeper to underlying reasons, we are then treating the whole person, not masking or band aiding, which enables long term relief and allows the body to ultimately heal on all levels.

Sometimes symptom relief is what is needed, then as the person feels better and if not in acute pain, we start healing on a deeper level, in a way that is individualised and sustainable.  An example can be with someone suffering from constipation, we treat what is going on right now for this person and give them relief.  Then we address areas that may be underlying, like stress, in which case we address areas like the Gut, nervous system and environmental factors.  Ideally by looking at diet and lifestyle we remove any obvious triggers like food intolerances and then support the person and body systems, through adjustments to diet and lifestyle and with the assistance of herbs and or nutrients.

Naturopaths’ have many tools to help on all levels, when a client presents with stress.

Stress can be a result of too much external doing rather than the internal being.  A nice thing to remember is we are human beings not human doings.

Our body has an innate healing ability if we give it what it needs to heal.  When it is out of balance our body knocks and if we don’t have an awareness or choose not to listen, then it knocks louder, as in chronic illness or disease.

I hope 2019 allows each of you to take time out for your very special inner being on a regular basis.  This is not selfish, this is about self love and valuing yourself as the beautiful soul you are.


Leigh x


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