My Top 4 Tips to Support Your Overall Health & Wellbeing

1. Breathe deeply every day and start to take notice of where in your body you are breathing. As in are you breathing shallow and just in your chest? Or are you breathing slow, deep belly breaths that help bring you into Parasympathetic Nervous System Dominance (PSNS) rest & digest.  When we breathe slowly and mindfully, we allow ourselves to be more grounded and present, which has a cascade of wonderful benefits each and every day.

Here are a 2 links to help you with easy and effective techniques to help you breathe in a way that helps optimise your overall health & wellbeing.

2. Drink a minimum of 2L of filtered water each day, more if you are exercising or work in air conditioning. We need water to hydrate our cells and assist our eliminatory pathways in working optimally.

3. Eat whole foods every day, include at least 4 cups of vegetables in your diet, predominantly green (fresh and organic where possible). Eat these in a variety of ways (steamed, baked, raw, in smoothies, in casseroles, soups etc) that serve your body and the season. In winter ideally warming foods at each meal.  Substitute sweet potato for white potato where possible.

4. Include a good quality magnesium supplement into your daily protocol in a form you can easily absorb. This is where powders can be beneficial for bio availability. Magnesium comes in many forms, specific for different requirements by the body.



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