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As a naturopath, I love using herbs and today I am chatting about one of my favourites, Ashwagandha.  Also known as Withania, Indian Ginseng and Winter Cherry.

This is an Indian herb, often used in Ayurvedic medicine and is known for giving you the ‘strength of a stallion’.


On an energetic level it is warming and to taste it can be both sweet and bitter.

Ashwagandha has many therapeutic actions, one being it is an adaptogen, which assists the body to adapt to stressors by building and nourishing the ‘whole person’.  It is also immune modulating, anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant.

Some of its many uses include treating fatigue, hypothyroidism, insomnia and anxiety.

By improving sleep, anxiety levels often decrease and it assists in strengthening and calming the nervous system.  Over time Ashwagandha can help restore healthy sleep cycles and relieve anxiety.  It supports energy production due to its ability to improve thyroid function.

Traditionally this herb was used as a powder. Now it is available in tablets and herbal tinctures.  The powder is nice in a hot milk prior to bedtime.  It is also yummy in protein balls and to accompany a banana smoothie.


If you would like more information on Ashwagandha or any other herbs keep checking my blog posts.



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