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Hi, my name is Leigh, I am a Naturopath (BHSc Naturopathy) living on the Sunshine Coast.  I feel passionate about good whole food and the healing power of nature. I like to take healing and health back to basics, setting realistic and achievable goals for my clients.  My approach is individualised and tailored to suit the client.  I use diet, lifestyle, herbs, nutrients and Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) to support this path to healing.

Food is medicine, as Hippocrates said, it can either be the best medicine or the worst poison.

A naturopath treats the whole person on all levels; mind, body and spirit.  I look at underlying reasons for health conditions and work towards bringing these into alignment through diet, lifestyle choices, herbs, nutrients and environmental factors.

I will ask a lot of questions, as I like to get a comprehensive picture of what is happening now and what has happened in the past to get you to this place of imbalance.

I am excited to educate and empower clients in ways to improve their health and return them to a place of balance or homeostasis.  The body has an innate healing ability; we just need to give it what it needs to heal; like the right foods, lifestyle choices, have an awareness of environmental impacts and receive quality sleep.

I first saw a naturopath at the age of 18 and was immediately intrigued at how much she could tell me about myself and my health from my eyes, fingernails and tongue and was amazed at how many questions she asked.  From there my interest continued to grow and wherever I lived, finding a naturopath was high on my agenda.  My children were raised the same way and have benefited from all I have learnt over the years and have been some of my best teachers. I walk my talk and see Naturopathy and wellness as a lifestyle.  I am gluten free and love to share recipes and ideas with clients.

I love to cook, eat good food, practice and teach yoga, walk, bike ride, travel, read and continue to learn more about health and wellbeing.  My clients are some of my best teachers and I feel very grateful and humbled to share their healing journey with them.

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