A Reminder to Listen to Our Inner Voice

Hi Everyone,

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I wanted to share some of what I have been experiencing this week.  It has really helped me reaffirm what some of you may be also experiencing or how you feel at the thought of having a consult or after a consult.

Firstly, I would like to say a deep heartfelt thank you to you all, my greatest teachers.  I know when clients come for a consult and leave with a wealth of knowledge, some new information, some gentle reminders of what you already know, maybe they don’t realise how I too am always learning.  For this I am very grateful, as it helps keep me grounded and present and continually trying to become the best version of myself.

During the past 7 weeks I have been doing some mentoring with a very special lady (Sand), I have had emotional revelations, cleared some more baggage, done some deeper clearing and cleansing and have been presented with some deep realisations about habits, programs we all have in place, behaviours, patterns of self-sabotage, the importance of being on our correct path and shining our amazing light as we move forward, remaining humble and always being open to learning more.

Our past is our past, it doesn’t have to define us forever.  I have learnt that we can recreate some of our old, not so pleasant stories and these can be the launch pad for us moving forward. 

I also have been reminded what happens when we are not grounded and present and try to spread ourselves too thin, to too many people, we become lost, scattered, suffer with anxiety, poor sleep, poor digestion and a whole array of self-sabotaging patterns.  I have had a week to 10 days of feeling like I have been on a conveyor belt and couldn’t get off, like the little mouse on his wheel, continually trying to move forward, working hard but not really achieving much at all.  I have procrastinated, eaten poorly (for me), stayed up late, beaten myself up over client cases – that old story of not being good enough, not giving enough (by my standard, when really it is over delivering) and consequently feeling like “crudge”.  At times I felt like a naughty little school girl, completely disobeying my inner voice, I was totally out of alignment.

During this whole time I would constantly get little reminders of what I tell my clients each day, “be kind to self, go gentle, listen to your body, we are all individuals, self-love is so important, don’t underestimate the healing benefits of a good nights sleep, spend time in nature, eat more greens, drink more filtered water and the best one take time to breathe and breathe deeply”. 

To say the least, it has been a very interesting week.  I was reminded of what happens when I don’t intuitively listen to my body and take time to regularly check in with what serves me.   I now know I was playing the role of ‘the observer’, which I know was to also place me in the shoes of my clients and the overwhelm they may feel at times when they are faced with huge changes due to poor health or the thought of embracing a new diet/lifestyle regime.  I believe our body shows us signs all the time, when we are out of balance in any areas of life, whether we choose to listen and respond is up to each of us.  Dis-ease results when we haven’t heard or listened to those signs and the body has been forced to knock louder, to ultimately make us sit up and listen.

Thank you, universe, I’ve got this now.  Thank you for the little reminders.


Leigh x

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