7 Ways to Stimulate Digestion Before Eating

1. Take the time to be present, remember we are Human Beings, not Human Doings.


2. Separate your drinks from your meals by at least 20 minutes, this allows your stomach juices to be optimal and not diluted.


3. Take 3 deep tummy breaths, to bring yourself into a place of Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) dominance (rest and digest), to allow digestion to take place.


4. Take the time to smell your meal as you prepare it, this helps activate your salivary glands to start salivating. This allows the important digestive enzyme, salivary amylase, to begin the digestive process once you start eating.


5. Chew your food, to help break down the proteins which reduces the load on your tummy, this makes digestion easier and allows you to absorb more nutrients. For some people this can be the difference between feeling bloated or feeling satiated.


6. Eat in a peaceful environment with people that bring you joy and separate yourself from technology.


7. Show gratitude for your meal in whatever way resonates with you, this may be a prayer, a blessing or a simple thank you.


(Image Source: PJ Library)



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